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Author: Wordsmith Balakumaran
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Naradar Makes it possible, the wedding of princess Gunnasundari and prince Yubaketu.
 1. King Sambhukandan, a just ruler of Kantipattinam, had Gunasundari as a virtuous and beautiful daughter.

2. When she reached the age of maturity, the king announced her wedding. When he invited the kings to attend the Svayamvaram1, they rejected his invitation. Svayamvaram1 = Selection of husband by a princess herself at a public assembly of suitors.

3. The kings: "We know you will invite the King of Ayodhya Sri Ramar, who will arrive at the ceremony with his children. Once before, a dispute ensued with the children of Ramar. Since we expect a dispute this time also, we will not attend the ceremony. If you do not invite Ramar and his children, we will attend."
4. Sambhukandar, after some thought, agreed not to invite Ramar and his sons and sent out invitations to them all. The kings participated, and the armies surrounded the town. Naradar flying by in the sky, saw the military, landed, went into the palace, and asked, "What is going on here?" They answered, "Wedding for the young prince."

5. Naradar Walked over to the princess's inner chamber, unopposed by any one and stood before her. No one was there to challenged him on his way to the princess. Shocked and soon recovering to composure, the princess fell at the feet of Naradar.

6. The princess went down on her knees and pleaded with Naradar saying, "I am glad to see you. I am in mental distress, which became worse upon seeing these kings. You must help me."

7. Naradar addressed the princess tenderly," Go on. Tell me. What is your need?"
Naradar was always at the ready to help the right people.
The princess: "I fear seeing these kings. When I hear of their bravery, I feel uncomfortable with fear. Ramapran is the best among men. I wish I could be part of his family. I want to live in a good family environment and wish to become the daughter-in-law of Ramar of good repute."

8. Ramar's good family has many virtuous queens with Bharata, Satrugna, and Lakshmana. I want to be part of their family, listening to their princely exploits. Can I be one in that family? Can I be one of the daughters-in-law?

9. Naradar was happy to hear her praise Ramar's family.

10. Naradar: "Since you are a good lass, you entertain such virtuous thoughts. What can we do if you don't have good fortune? Your father has made contrary arrangements. Let it be. I will go to Ramar's family, tell them about you and bring them over here. Till then, remain patient."

11. Naradar disappeared in a flash, took to the sky, on his way saw Yūba, the son of Satrugna on a hunting trip was bathing in a river with his contingent on the riverside, and landed in that spot.
12. Yuba Ketu paid his homage to Naradar and said, "It is my great fortune to meet you. I heard a lot about you but meet you now for the first time. I know that you keep Sriman Narayana in your heart. I wish I have such fortune."

13. Naradar: "All in good time. Should you not marry first, maintain a family and live a complete life on earth?
Yuba Ketu: "Whatever you say, I will do." He again paid homage to Naradar.
Naradar: "They pile insults on Sri Ramar." Immediately, Yuba Ketu straightened his body.
Yuba: "Who derides."
Naradar: ''Sambukandan.''
Yuba: "Where is he?"
Naradar: Kantipattinam.''
Yuba: What kind of insult?
Naradar: If Ramar gets the invitation, all your family members would arrive and cause a disturbance. The other kings refused to attend because of it. Sambukantan invited the other kings except for Ramar.
Yuba: Why is he inviting others?
Naradar: Gunasundari is his daughter, virtuous and beautiful. Sambukantan sent invitations, and the kings are arriving now for the Svayamvaram, scheduled for tomorrow. Could you do anything? If you rush, you could marry such wonderful Gunasundari.
14. Naradar: My desire is Sri Ramar should have a good daughter-in-law. You marry Gunasundari so to please Ramar's heart. Hearing such encouraging words, Yuba rushed with his soldiers.

15. There, the festival was at its height. The kings were giddy with happiness, thinking of the prospect of marrying Gunasundari. A variety of entertainment was in progress with music, animal show, circus performers, and a continuous feast.

16. Gunasundari, the next morning, had her bath, wore her choicest clothes, and waited in the inner chambers.

17. Gunasundari: 'Naradar said something would happen. Nothing so far. The kings are taking their seats in the assembly. What will happen? When will it happen, as Naradar said.'

18. That moment, Yuba entered the inner chamber with his men. The kingsmen died resisting Yuba. He entered the inner chamber, pulled on the hand of Gunasundari, and said, "Let us go. Get on the chariot."
Gunasundari fainted. Yuba scooped her up, put her on the chariot, hastened the horses, and left the palace.

19. The news reached the king that someone abducted Gunasundari. Other kings got wind of the news. They, with their soldiers, pursued Yuba, with Sambukandan at the lead.

20. Gunasundari gained her faculties. Yuba sat her in a mandapam, mounted a horse, stood before Sambukandan, annihilated his army, and chased the other kings' soldiers. Nobody could challenge him against his strength, skills, and warring strategy. His wielding of the sword, and launching of the spears, and the arrows standing on the horse awed the enemies. His bravery was deserving of accolades. The kings withdrew, saying, 'Why this svayamvaram? We did not come here to fight.'
21. King Sambukandan stood alone in the battleground. Yuba lifted his sword when a distant lone voice sounded, 'Let him go.' Gunasundari ran towards Yuba and begged him to leave her father alone. Sambukandan was crest-fallen.

22. Yubaketu let the king live, sheathed his sword, and embraced Gunasundari.

23. Yubaketu roared and addressed king Sambukandan, "Marry Gunasundari to me. I belong to the family of Ayodhya's king Sri Ramar. My father is Satrugna. It is your fault not to invite my uncle, father, and my family members to Svayamvaram. It would be best if you asked for forgiveness from Sri Rama Chandra Murthy.

24. Not knowing what to do, Sambukandan accepted the order from Yuba and begged for forgiveness from Sri Ramar.

25. Sri Rama Chandra Murthy easily forgave him and lauded the bravery of Yuba. Accepting Sambukandan's invitation, Sri Ramar arrived at Kantipattinam. The lavish wedding of Yubaketu and Gunasundari took place.

26. When Gunasundari left her home, she thought of Naradar in her mental eye, wished to see him, and opposed her palms in homage. Naradar gave her a subtle appearance to her only.

27. Saying, "Very many thanks," she fell prostrate at his feet. The standbys thought she was paying homage to the Earth Goddess, making laughter. Naradar offered his blessings. The entourage went to Ayodhya.

28. A skill is necessary to arrange a wedding between two good people. Only such people should perform such service. Narada's nature is to help people, knowing their eligibility and deservedness. If you celebrate, praise, and pay homage to Naradar, he will help us.