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Ganapathy Granting Success – Darsan of Vijayāpathy Omakuṇḍa Piḷḷaiyār
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 Surrender Unto Ganēsa
1. The great grandfather of the world, celebrated by all the sacred texts, is Kaśyapa Muni. Because of his severe austerities, he received the boon to have Mahavishnu as his son, in the Avatar of Vāmanar in a wonderous place known as Siddhāsramam.
2. This place, never conquered by anyone, gives victory to the seekers of this place and bears another holy name, Vijayāpathi, located 28km from Vaḷḷiyūr in Tirunelveli district.
3. Vijayāpathi is known for the holy story of Visvāmitrar, and also consecration by him of the graceful Omakuṇḍa Gaṇapathy, and his Darsan.
4. The firm belief of the people of this area is sincere and soulful worship of Omakuṇḍa Gaṇapathy will help remove whatever may be the impediments.
5. Let us discover the meritorious story of Vijayāpathi and be joyous.
6. Satyavathy preceded the birth of Visvāmitrar in the Kausika family, and because of the latter, she had a second name, Kausiki. In later years, she, according to the promise made by her husband, ran as the sin-cleansing Kausika river.
7. The Kausika river running in the mountainside of the Himalayas is beautiful and sacred. When Visvāmitrar was in Tapas, he felt he was in the loving embrace of his mother. The Tapas lasted for a long time. Thoughts of a place, Siddhāsram, and of fasting, and worship rose In his mind.
8. Ravana, believing that no one should go to Siddhāsram to obtain liberation after Tapas ordered Mārican, Subāhu, and other Arakkars (demons) to impede worship by the prospective Tapasvins in the temple.
9. Visvāmitrar wanted to conduct Yāgam in this meritorious place with other Munis for six days. He was thinking of warriors who could protect the Yāgam and the Munis. In his mind, he had Rama the young prince of Ayodhya and his obligation to the prince.
10. Visvāmitrar rushed to Ayodhya. With consent from Dasaratha, he took Rama and Lakshmana to the Yāga Bhūmi and asked them to protect and defend the Yāga site from the Arakkars. And he consecrated Piḷḷaiyār temple and offered worship and prayers to him.
11. Visvāmitrar was the pupil of Śiva from whom he learned the use of weapon systems (Astirasāstrams) and taught the same to Rama after he consecrated and worshipped Ganapathy. Rama taught Lakshmana the science in using weapon systems. They both became proficient in using weapons.
12. Rama and Lakshmana protected the active Yāga day and night. They killed the Arakkars, who came to destroy the Yāga. Visvāmitrar was joyous seeing the completion of the Yāga in all its aspects.
13. We know its greatness from what Visvāmitrar said of the Yāga to Rama and Lakshmana in Balakanda of Ramayana. Visit to this site helps the devotee attain what he desired to have. Here Visvāmitrar worshipped Kasi Visvanāthar and Akilāndēsvari after consecration, besides the Guardian Deity, Thillai Kāli.
14. This temple complex has Visvāmitrar Mahāliṅgam, Akilāṇḍēsvari Temple, Visvāmitrar Temple, Ōmakuṇḍa Gaṇapathy Temple, and Thillai Kāli Temple nearby.
15. Ōmakuṇḍa Gaṇapathy is the same deity that Visvāmitrar worshipped before Yāgam. Near Gaṇapathy is Visvāmitrar in Tapasvin's idol.
16. On both sides of Ōmakuṇḍa Gaṇapathy shrine are Rama on the right and Lakshmana on the left in their vigrahās for our Darsan.
17. Adjacent to the Ganapathy shrine is a sunken well with steps and three walls. Devotees call it the Visvāmitrar's Ōmakuṇḍam. All apt festivals and worships for Vināyakar grandly take place here.

18. Devotees come in droves on the day of Saṅkatahara Chaturthi, worship him and receive his grace, blessings, and boons. The prevailing belief is, If people worship Saṅkatahara Ganapathy, they can avert great impediments and enjoy life.
19. Yes, it is true. Ganapathy's greatness is immeasurable. This Vijayāpathi town offers a plethora of wondrous gifts and boons of which the most eminent is the gracious Ōmakuṇḍa Ganapathy's shrine. Worshipping him ensures victory at hand.
Devotees’ attention…
Site: gracious Vijayāpathi
Swamy: Visvāmitra Mahāliṅgam
Ambāḷ: Akilāṇḍēvari
Piḷḷaiyār: Aruḷmigu Ōmakuṇḍa Ganapathy