Paramārthar Guru Stories.  = Stories of Guru with no worldly experience. Credit to

Constantine Joseph Beschi (8 November 1680 – 4 February 1747), also known under his Tamil name of Vīramāmunivar (வீரமாமுனிவர்), was an Italian Jesuit priest, missionary in South India, and Tamil language littérateur (a literary person, esp. a writer of literary works)..-Wiky

He mastered the Tamil language and published many books with Christian teachings in Tamil under the name Vīramāmunivar. His narrative poem "Dembavani" is famous. In the 18th century, he translated books such as Tirukkural, Devaram, Thiruppugazh and Athichudi into Latin and other languages. Parmathaguru Kathas, which he wrote in Tamil culture, adapted from the comic stories popular in Europe at that time, were famous for their humorous nature and were translated into many Indian languages. 

Vīramāmunivar wrote the Paramārtha Guru stories in Tamil, steeped in humor. The naïve Guru and his five disciples, Matti, Madaiyan, Pēthai, Mūdan, Milēcchan engage in acts, which Paramārtha guru narrates in a story-form with humor. Their names are everyday pejorative monikers in Tamil Nadu to describe people with varying degrees of stupidity.

In this story, the name of the disciples are Mandu, Madaiyan, Moodan, Muttal, Matti... They are synonyms for a simpleton.

The story of Paramartha Guru and his disciples – Long Live Rama, Long Live Sita
1. Inside a temple, two thieves were stealing the idols after breaking the lock.
2. Paramartha and his disciples happened to pass by and saw them.
3. "Who are you? Why are you taking these idols?" asked Paramartha politely.
4. Initially scared upon seeing the guru and his disciples, the thieves regained their composure and said, "We are from another place. We are taking these idols there."
5. "Why to another place?" asked Matti.
6. "What's the use of these idols staying here? People elsewhere will also get to see them if we take them. That way, your village's glory will be known to other places too," said one of the thieves.
7. "Your service is greater than that of the Alwars and Nayanars. I admire your devotion," Paramartha praised.
8. But Matti was a bit suspicious, "You are stealing them."
9. Hearing this, the thieves responded, "If we were stealing, wouldn't we do it without anyone knowing? You know we are taking them, how can this be stealing?"
10. "Yes! Since it's happening in front of us, it's not theft!" Matti agreed.
11. The thieves again lifted the idols.
12. Seeing them struggle, the fool suggested, "Guruji, shall we help them a bit?"
13. "Let's help them generously," said the guru, and they began to carry the idols.
14. Eventually, they moved the idols of Rama, Sita, and Hanuman.
15. "Guruji, these idols have been in our village for so long. Now they will travel abroad. We must perform a special ceremony before sending them," said the fool.
16. The thieves, worried someone might come, urged, "Hurry up."
17. Paramartha quickly performed the ceremony while the disciples prostrated at the idols' feet.
18. After the ceremony, the thieves planned to load the idols into a waiting cart.
19. The excitement increased among Paramartha, Matti, the fool, and the simpleton.
20. They loudly bid farewell to the gods, chanting "Long live Rama! Long live Sita! Hail Hanuman!"


21. The thieves lost their patience with their shouting.
22. "Fools! You're ruining our plan with your noise," they scolded.
23. "What's wrong with making noise?" asked the simpleton.
24. As the thieves mounted their horses and drove away, they revealed, "Fools! We are stealing these idols. And you didn't even realize!"
25. Paramartha and his disciples were astonished to hear this.
26. "What? You're stealing them?" collapsed the fool in shock.
27. "Oh no, thieves! Thieves!" shouted Matti.
28. The simpleton chased the cart, fell, and rolled on the ground.
29. Paramartha stood still in shock, statue-like.
30. Near Paramartha's place, the thieves stopped the cart. They proceeded with the idols to the monastery.
31. Inside were the simpleton and the fool.
32. "We'll sleep here for a bit. Keep the idols safe until then. After we wake up, return them to us," the thieves commanded.
33. Terrified by the thieves, the simpleton and the fool agreed.
34. "How can we protect the idols? What should we do?" asked the fool.
35. "We can't guard them. Let's lose them, or else let's sleep. They went straight to the palace.
36. In the palace, Paramartha and the other disciples were crying.
37. Seeing the simpleton and the fool arrive with the idols, everyone, including the king, was amazed. After hearing the story, the king said, "You've inadvertently helped in the theft of these idols! Therefore, I'll neither punish nor reward anyone; I'll let everyone go."
38. Relieved to escape punishment, the guru and his disciples quickly left the palace.