Paramārthar Guru Stories.  = Stories of Guru with no worldly experience. Credit to

Constantine Joseph Beschi (8 November 1680 – 4 February 1747), also known under his Tamil name of Vīramāmunivar (வீரமாமுனிவர்), was an Italian Jesuit priest, missionary in South India, and Tamil language littérateur (a literary person, esp. a writer of literary works)..-Wiky

He mastered the Tamil language and published many books with Christian teachings in Tamil under the name Vīramāmunivar. His narrative poem "Dembavani" is famous. In the 18th century, he translated books such as Tirukkural, Devaram, Thiruppugazh and Athichudi into Latin and other languages. Parmathaguru Kathas, which he wrote in Tamil culture, adapted from the comic stories popular in Europe at that time, were famous for their humorous nature and were translated into many Indian languages. 

Vīramāmunivar wrote the Paramārtha Guru stories in Tamil, steeped in humor. The naïve Guru and his five disciples, Matti, Madaiyan, Pēthai, Mūdan, Milēcchan engage in acts, which Paramārtha guru narrates in a story-form with humor. Their names are everyday pejorative monikers in Tamil Nadu to describe people with varying degrees of stupidity.

In this story, the name of the disciples are Mandu, Madaiyan, Moodan, Muttal, Matti... They are synonyms for a simpleton.

Paramartha Guru Stories – Paramartha in Hell

1. Matti and the idiot were worried with their hands on their cheeks.
2. Mandu and Mūdan were crying, ‘’Our Guru is gone! Our guru is dead!’’ They were crying with their noses.
3. "Whose cigar will I set fire to now? Leaving us alone, you have died so unjustly!" lamented the fool
4. After that, the five disciples rolled in hugging on the street opposite the monastery.
5. 'Where has our dead guru gone?' he asked
6. “If we go to Yamaloka, the world of Yama, the Lord of death, we can see”
7. "Maybe he's gone to heaven?"
8. “Our Guru has committed many sins. So he would have gone to hell.”
9. Muttāl and Mūdan were talking like this.
10. "If we go to hell, we can see our Guru!" Mandu suggested.
11. “This is the only way to see our Guru again!” Madaiyan jumped.
12. Immediately Mandu and Mūdan joined hands and jumped into the well in the garden.
13. Muttal, with the burning stick in his hand, set his head on fire on.
14. After some time, all the five great disciples of Paramartha Guru gave up their lives.
15. There was only smoke everywhere. The disciples did not understand anything.
16. "We are dead, and where are we now?" asked Matti.
17. Then, “Behold, the world of Nara Loka (hell)!” Madan shouted.
18. The disciples were very happy when they realized that they had arrived at hell.
19. “Come, let us seek our Guru!” They went looking for Paramartha from one place to another.
20. Somewhere there were huge grinding mills swirling. Some sinners were thrown into it and crushed.
21. Seeing that, Matti and Madaiyan said, "Our Guru will be inside this!" As they said, they put their heads in the grinding mill.
22. That's it! “Ayyo! Ayyaiyo!” They crushed their heads and fell down bleeding.
23. In another place, oil was boiling in tall cauldrons.
24. Seeing that, the fool said, "Our Guru must have been put in this cauldron!" Saying that, he jumped into the cauldron!
25. Seeing Muttal fall, Mūdan himself ran away and jumped into a cauldron!
26. As the boiling oil poured over their bodies, both of them fell down screaming, Labo Thibo.
27. Mandu alone went searching for Paramartha in many places.
28. In the Saturn corner of Naraka Loka he found a wood-burning stove making Diku Diku sounds with plenty of firewood.
29. Mandu thought the Guru must be inside the fire as though he were hiding inside it and entered the fire.
30. The next moment, “Ah, fire! Such fire!” He screamed, fell down and rolled.
31. At the same time, Paramarthar was screaming in the poison mandala that was built in the hellish world.
32. Giant scorpions, snakes and crabs swarmed around him.
33. “Alas, scorpion! You live! Long live your stinger! Just don't sting me!” He bowed.
34. By then the five disciples had come to his place.
35. “Oh! Snake, snake!” Shrieking, Paramartha fell down from the raised platform.
36. All the disciples came running to see.
37. It was then that Paramartha looked around. “Good times! I am in the monastery. It was just a dream that I was stuck in hell!” He rubbed his belly happily.
38. The disciples jumped for joy.