2242. கவையைப்பற்றிக் கழுதையின் காலைப் பிடி. Tamil proverbs by Rev. Percival.  2242 indicates the numerical standing of the Tamil proverb.
To achieve your object, if necessary, cling to the legs of an ass. Source Madurai project

Story by Veeraswamy Krishnaraj

Rev Percival wrote Tamil proverbs 1874
God Himself is the help of the helpless.
Source: Proverb source: Madurai Project
Tamil Proverbs with their English Translation
containing upwards of Six thousand proverbs
By The Rev. P. Percival,
Chaplain, Madras Military Female Orphan Asylum:
Author of the "Land of the Veda" etc.
Second Edition, 1874
Madras: Printed and Published at the Dinavartamani Press,
Little Bourne, Mylapore






The hoof,





Once upon a time in a city, there lived a young man named Govindan. He was highly educated, having earned a post-graduate degree in computer science. Eager to start his career, he applied for a computer specialist job in his city. However, fate had a different plan for him.

For six long months, Govindan faced disappointment as the firm he applied to did not show interest in hiring him. The reason behind this rejection was an unfortunate one - he belonged to an upper caste, and the firm seemed to practice what some might call reverse discrimination.

Undeterred by the challenges, Govindan decided to take a different approach. He reached out to an old schoolmate named Subban, who happened to be the brother of the president of the company he wished to work for. Subban, unlike Govindan, had never set foot in college. He was content running his father's successful business of buying from farmers and selling grains to small stores. Subban, living a comfortable life with his family, didn't see the need for a college education.

Despite their differences, Govindan, desperate for a job, approached Subban for help. Subban, enjoying the success of his business, decided to test his friend's patience. He let Govindan struggle for a month before Govindan finally visited Subban's palatial house, begging him to speak to his brother on his behalf.

Subban agreed to help Govindan but not without a condition. He explained that one of his employees was sick, and he needed Govindan to take his lorry (truck) to the warehouse and distribute grains to various small merchants in the city. Govindan, though hesitant, couldn't refuse as he saw this as a potential ticket to the job he desired.

So, Govindan spent the entire day making deliveries, lugging sacks of grains from one place to another. Exhausted, he returned the lorry to the warehouse, only to receive another request from Subban the next day. This time, Subban needed him to pick up milk and groceries, adding more tasks to Govindan's plate.

This routine of demeaning requests continued for three long months, with Govindan wondering if Subban had ever spoken to his brother about the job. Little did he know, Subban had contacts within the company and used his influence to have Govindan's job application placed in the inactive folder.

After three months of Govindan slaving for Subban, the latter decided it was time to intervene. Subban instructed the office minions to bring Govindan's application to his brother's attention. Finally, Govindan's qualifications were recognized, and he was immediately hired as one of the employees had retired.

Surprisingly, Govindan's story didn't end there. Within three months of starting his job, he achieved remarkable success, swiftly climbing the corporate ladder to become the Vice President of the firm.

And so, the tale of Govindan teaches us about perseverance, strategic networking, and sometimes, the need to hold onto the legs of an ass to achieve our goals.