By Periyava

Translation from Tamil: V.Krishnaraj


நிறைந்த ஆனந்தம் : தெய்வத்தின் குரல் (முதல் பகுதி) 1-10

Perfect Bliss: Deivathin Kuraḷ 1-10

Supreme Bliss

Perfect and Supreme are used interchangeably here.

In Kṛta Yuga, Bhṛgu Muṉi asked his father Varuṇa, “How do I realize the Perfect Entity? The Perfect Entity should be eternal. It should sport a Perfect Body, a Perfect flawless Constitution. Please identify such Perfect Entity.”

Varuṇa said to him, “You go perform Tapas (austerity). You will apprehend It on your own.”

Bhṛgu later performed Tapas. Because of Tapas, he learnt one thing, ‘This body is the highest entity. It feels everything. The realizing entity is loftier than the realized entity.  Determining that the body is the loftiest, he went to his father and said, “This body is the highest and the perfect entity.”

His father said, “Go and do some more Tapas.”

Bhṛgu Muṉi did more Tapas and went to his father five times. First the body appeared as the highest entity. Since he thought the body one day becomes a corpse, he gave up on the body’s perfection and chose Breath as the Perfect Entity. Later, He chose the Mind. Still later, Intellect appeared perfect. On the fifth trip to his father, he said Experience of Bliss as the perfect entity.

 “I performed Tapas for a long time. I, now and then, feel a new kind of bliss. What is that.”

Bhṛgu said, “That episodic transient feeling of Bliss is the Entity (you are searching for). You are getting that feeling a little at a time. If that feeling becomes plenitudinous, we call it Supreme Bliss (Pērāṉantham = பேரானந்தம்). That Supreme Bliss never runs out or diminish in time. It is perfection, forms the basis of and transcends body, breath, mind, intellect… Beyond all these, is Ātmā, the source of Bliss, which is self-knowing and experiential.”

We get a drop of this Supreme Bliss occasionally from the ocean of the Supreme Bliss. When we sit under a tree with thick foliage, we see only shade without a ray of the sun. When the wind blows, the leaves and branches move allowing the sun’s rays fall on the ground. Again, the leaves close and block the rays. Likewise, Bliss comes in spurts. Bliss is an all-pervasive entity. Our bad Karma, mind and buddhi block the Bliss falling on us. When the meritorious deeds dissipate ‘the cloud cover’ we get a drop or ray of Bliss. If it grows, and expands, it becomes the Supreme Bliss. When we get a tiny bit (a few drops) of the ocean of Supreme Bliss, we say we enjoy the bliss. If you perform Tapas and self-enquiry, you will immerse in and become the ocean of Supreme Bliss, just like the rain falling on the ocean becomes ocean itself).