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ஆதியும் அந்தமும் - 2 - மறை சொல்லும் மகிமைகள்
Ādhi & Andham – 2- Grandeur of Vedic Sayings
சேஷாத்ரிநாத சாஸ்திரிகள் Śeṣādrinātha Śāstrigaḷ
ஆதியும் அந்தமும் - 2 - மறை சொல்லும் மகிமைகள் Ādhi & Andham 02 The grandeur of Vedic Sayings
மகாமகோபாத்யாய சேஷாத்ரிநாத சாஸ்திரிகள், ஓவியம்: மாருதி Mahamahopathyaya Śeṣādrinātha Śāstrigaḷ. Images: Maruthi.
Ādhi & Andham 02 The grandeur of Vedic Sayings

1. Ādhi and Andham: We talk about them quite often. What is its principle- Truth Explication?
2. In this world, what we see with eyes and perceive with sensory organs have a beginning and an end. Human birth has a unique facility: Ability to think and a fertile mind since birth. They separate man from animals.
3. Man must use his thought power to live. If not, he could have been rendered without the thinking power as an article of value. We must use what we got at birth. Otherwise, it is of no use.
4. This thinking power as a unique feature in man makes him stand apart from other living things with splendor. Man can discover the beginning with his though power and also the end. By that, he can establish, maintain, and advance his progress.
5. The cause of this benediction to humanity for the conferment of thought power is because of the sight of Grace from Īśvara. Only when we exercise our thinking power, we know the difference between Sāthakam and Pāthakam (That which is favorable and unfavorable).
6. If thought exists, it must know the beginning and the end. If it does not have that knowledge, the result is a deficiency. When does the ability to exercise the thought process occur to man? If the clarity about Ādhi and Andham dawned on his mind, his thought is helpful to reach a clear and beautiful conclusion. For a man's thought, the principle of Atyantam (from the beginning to the end) is essential
7. Let me bring this to your attention. Darwin discovered the principle of transformation. Call it `விகாஸ வாதம்' (Vīkāsa Vādam = Brilliant proposition). Darwin had clarity about the beginning. Likewise, man can elucidate and know the right or the wrong of it. Man has the thinking power.
8. When Darwin popularized that principle, people acclaimed and welcomed it as 'Darvin's Theory, Perfect.' 8. The scientists who came later said science is a tradition. Even science has a beginning and an end. Do you know what they said? Having elucidated the Vedas and their truths, they declared Darwin's Evolutionary Theory was wrong.
9. Let put it in simple terms. Sensory or knowledge overload is overwhelming to people. Man evolved from an animal. Monkey is an animal. Evolution or transformation from that animal resulted in man. He did not know anything. He never knew to clothe himself. He did not know right or wrong. Shame and honor are unknown to him. He grew and matured. His intellect crystalized and clarified. He discovered the use of the flint to produce fire. He began hunting animals for food.
10. He grew and matured further and even went to the moon and returned. Therefore, the narrative goes that men obtained great thought power.
(Simple living and High thinking). Take the Vedic Ṛṣis. By the power of their brain (intellect), they grasped the Nada in the form of subtle sound in the ether, retained it in their memory, used their fecund thinking, understood the essence of things and became the highest Ṛṣis. How did they live? They lived simple lives with lofty thoughts.
13. What we see today among people is a rash of violence and extremism. He regressed to animal nature. Reason: the increase in selfishness. He is prepared to do any dastard things and descend to ignoble depths. That means the paradigm of the evolutionary theory is faulty.
14. Going to the moon or launching a satellite is for personal advancement and neither for the sustenance of humanity and nor for the edification of humans.
15. Science is making strides. No doubt about it. Every discovery has a beginning and an end. In the past, people made bookings to place trunk calls (long-distance telephone calls). Then came the push-button cell phones with which people communicated with each other at any time of the day or night. Now swiping the screen took the place of push-button phones: the call it Touch-Phone. The day will come when no gadgets are necessary to see events wherever they happen and listen in on conversations in any nook and corner. That power and convenience may be in the future.
16. That was the state the Ṛṣis were. We can reach that state. That was the limit of their intellectual and thought horizon. If man attains that state, man can apprehend all events in the world by his mental perception. It is like the Ṛṣis from the past who discovered the Mantras and their truths floating as sound waves in the ether. What we need to attain such a faculty is the richness of thoughts. The obvious is the equality of all life forms because they all have life. Otherwise, nature (disposition) of the disparate lives is distinctive. So it goes with lifestyle and behavior. Among men, one is dissimilar from the other. It is difficult to put into practice the concept that all men are created equal. It is a talking point.
17. One father with four children. One was an intellectual; the next one was a lazy bum; the third one was a thief, and the fourth one was a roughneck. Yes, the four children were dissimilar. They never inherited the natural traits of their parents.
18. A multifaceted world is varied and titillating. If you eat the same food day in and day out, you lose appetite for that food. Variety is the world's form and nature. Uniformity is never workable. It does not enrich the mind and thought.
20. For a healthy, enriched mind and thoughts, he must know the beginning. When God created the world, he thought of variegation. He created diversity, wonderment, and surprise. They were not alike. Electricity is one entity: It gives heat, flame and other myriad things.
21. Likewise, all his creations in this world are chock-full of Paraprahmam. Our theory is that God is the Inner Abider in all his created life forms. If you desire for similar thoughts to prosper, we should first know what the beginning and the end is. That gives rise to proper thoughts. It is wrong to think of dumbing down the lofty Tattvas according to the people's intellectual apprehension because the audience may not understand them in their rigorous interpretation. It amounts to simplification of the Tattvas.
22. People's mental faculty should rise up to accept and understand the lofty Tattvas. Likewise, the exponents of the Tattvas should interpret the Tattvas for the betterment of their thought process.
23. Let tell you an illustrative example.

The universe will expand…

The Temples and their marvels.

1. For Lord Natarajar, unique cars exist only in Chidambaram, Kuṛṛālam, and Seppaṛai.
2. Golden Lotus tanks exist in In Tirunelveli Nellaiyappar Temple as in Madurai.
3. We can obtain Darsan of Liṅgam's Mūlavar (Fixed Idol) with braids of hair in the back in Sivasailam Temple in Tirunelveli district. Gaṅga and Yamuna as Dvārapālakars at the entrance to the Amman Sannidhi offer grace and benevolence to devotees.
4. In Nellaiyappar Temple during ritual ablution of fixed Liṅgam, Ambal's image in the arrowhead offers a rare Darśan to the devotees.
A. Yazhini Parvatam, Chennai -78
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