Sufi Stories Inspiration:     In Tamil
Sufi Gnani Stories – The Sufi and the Deadly Demon

1. A Sufi sage was traveling alone in an uninhabited mountainous region.
2. Suddenly a demon appeared in front of him and told him “I am going to rape you”.
3. “Is that right? Try it if you can. But I can beat you easily. “Contrary to what you think, I am stronger than you,” replied the Sufi.
4. “What you are saying is nonsense. You are a Sufi. You are concerned only with spiritual matters. You can't beat me. I have monstrous animal strength. I am thirty times bigger than you,” replied the corpse-eating demon.
5. Sufi took a small boulder and gave it to the demon, saying, "If you want to test your strength, take this stone and squeeze it."
6. However much he tried, the demon could not do it as told by Sufi.
7. “That's impossible. There is no water in this stone. If there is, you will show it to me,” said the demon. Sufi took the stone back when it was half-dark. Sufi took an egg from the bag and squeezed the stone and egg together.
8. The demon was surprised to see the water flowing. People are startled by something they don't understand and start placing value on it beyond measure.
9. “I'll have to think about it. Stay in my cave tonight as my guest,” said the demon to the Sufi with some welcoming words.
10. The Sufi went with the demon. The demon's lair was decorated with the diamonds of thousands of wayfarers killed by him. It was like Alauddin's miraculous cave in the mystical stories.
11. “Sleep by my side. Let's talk about other things in the morning" said Sufi and the demon fell asleep.
12. Instinctively realizing that he would be deceived, the Sufi cunningly arranged for himself to be in bed and went far away and hid.
13. As soon as he was gone, the demon rose from his bed. He took a big log and saw the place where the Sufi was lying and thrashed him seven times.
14. After that the demon laid down and started sleeping again. After some time, Sufi returned to his bed and called out the demon,
15. “O demon! Your cave is comfortable. But only one small mosquito bit me seven times. You have to do something to get rid of it."
16. Even after being hit hard seven times by the monster with a big log.. Sufi's speech gave the demon a shock.
17. As soon as the morning dawned, the demon took a bag of buffalo skin and threw it at the Sufi saying, “Get some water. "We can cook breakfast," he said.
18. Sufi went to the nearby waterhole without picking up the bag – in fact he could not carry the bag. He dug a small channel from the fountain to the cave.
19. The demon throbbed with thirst.
20. “Why didn't you bring water?” asked the demon.
21. “Be patient, my friend! I have cut a inland waterway so that the water of the spring springs may come permanently to the mouth of your cave. So there is no need for you to carry water,” replied the Sufi.
22. The demon could not endure thirst. The demon took the buffalo bag and went to the river and filled the bag with water himself.
23. As soon as the morning honey-water was prepared, the demon drank several casks of it. After drinking it, the demon's intellect began to work with mild clarity.
24. "If you're strong - and you've already proven that to me - why did you not cut that canal faster instead of cutting it inch by inch?" The demon asked the Sufi.
25. “Really meaningful work cannot be done without putting in the effort. Everything needs its fair share of efforts. I spend only as much effort as is necessary to dig the canal. But I also know that you, a beast of habit, will always use that buffalo skin bag,” said Sufi.