Sufi Stories Inspiration:     In Tamil
1. The new young student's name is Makhdoom. Excellent in knowledge, piety (taqwa) and modesty, he was greatly loved by the Sufi Mahan.
2. This made the senior students jealous. Whenever they saw Makhdoom, they complained to the Sufi Mahan and kept on making complaints. They made many maneuvers to drive away Makhdoom.
3. Mahan, who decided to teach the senior students a proper lesson, called all the students one day. “Dear Precious children! I'm going to put your wits to the test. Whoever wins it will be my successor."
4. All the students were prepared for the competition.
5. Three human puppets of the same shape, same color and same size were placed in front of them. The Mahan ordered them to find out which of the three was the best.
6. Senior students came one by one and looked at the dolls from different angles; No one knew the difference. After searching for a long time no one could find the best toy. They confessed their defeat to the Guru.
7. Now it's Makhdoom's turn! He brought a thin, long wire and inserted it into the first doll's ear. The wire was released through the doll's other ear. When the wire was inserted into the ear of the second doll, the wire came out of the mouth. When he inserted it into the ear of the third toy, the wire went into the stomach.
8. Maktoum declared the third toy to be the best and explained why!
9. “Whenever the first toy listens to the advice, it takes it in one ear and leaves it out the other. The second doll propagates the advice and does not seek to internalize it and correct itself. The third doll is the neat one who digests the advice and straightens out its life. So the third toy is the best.”
10. Sufi Mahan was greatly pleased and praised the explanation of student, Maktoum.
11. The jealous senior students were speechless.