Sufi Gnani Stories – Aru Marundhu = Rare Medicine
1. A Sufi, on his deathbed, called out to one of his disciples. He handed him some papers and said:
2. “Keep this. A few papers have been written. Some papers are blank. "The blank pages are as valuable as the written ones." 
3. The disciple took the papers. He carefully read what was written. He carefully preserved the other blank papers until their value was ascertained later. 
4. One day the disciple was lying sick in the inn. He was shivering with cold and fever. A doctor was called in to examine him as he seemed to be nearing the point of death. 
5. “We have no time to wait. Bring me quality papers. I should write the mantra for his treatment in it,” said the doctor. 
6. The people gathered there searched around. While rummaging through the disciple's bag, they found some of the papers the Sufi sage had given to the disciple were blank and gave them to the doctor.  
7. The doctor tore up the paper given to him. He painted a strange picture on it, 
8. Dip this paper in water. "When the ink in the paper dissolves in the water, give the patient to drink that water," said the doctor. 
9. The assembled people did as the doctor told them. 
10. The disciple immediately got better. 
11. In fact, the disciple was cured because the Sufi sage had smeared the cure on unwritten papers. No one knew this. 
12. The disciple recovered and arrived at the place where a respected Sufi sage lived. He told him about his experiences. The disciple was curious to know what the blank page meant. 
13. Sufi said to the disciple, "You are cured by the truth" on the paper and not by the strange picture drawn by the doctor. 
14. “When you're saving a life, primary importance is to save. Sufi ended the speech by saying, "The talk about that is later." that: What cured the disciple? 
15. The disciple, having heard it, backed off.  He started looking for the doctor who had treated him. The disciple wandered around and found the doctor. 
16. “What situation made him study and write other mantras on paper?’’ The disciple asked the doctor. 
17. To that, "When I was a student of that Sufi, he kept his miracles secret.’’ 
18. The doctor said, “One day you will be called to the inn to see a sick man. If he had such and such disease signs, take a blank piece of paper and draw a diagram on it. The Sufi told him that if he then made the patient drink the water mixed with the ink of that map, the fever would go away in three hours. 
19. “If you don't have those papers, have you been told what to do instead? The disciple further asked the doctor. 
20. The papers must be there. If the papers were not there, it was the act of a man who carelessly neglected his duty. That act was an excuse for not observing the orders of monks. Such a man brings brings death upon himself. If the paper was not there at that moment. The patient would die,” the doctor said to the surviving patient exactly what the Sufi said to him.