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1. The center point of world’s Magnetic Equator abides in the great toe of Natarajar. Without the benefit of modern instruments, the Tamilians discovered the ever-moving atomic particles as depicted by Dancing Siva and placed his idol in the center of the magnetic field.
2. Just imagine the power of Tirumular 5000 years ago in discovering this truth. Tirumantiram is a scientific treatise. To understand it fully, it may take another 100 years.
3. There are many opinions on Chidambara Rahasyam. Here is some information on the temple’s wonders in science, engineering, geography, mathematics and medicine.

4. The deeds done by the ancestors demonstrate a clarity of thought and vision. The wonders behind the huge stone temple emerge from the domain of their thoughts and plans. Here are the wonders of the temple.

5. Chidambaram Natarajar Koil is in the world’s magnetic equatorial center.
6. Of the five Elemental Temples, Thillai Natarajar Temple indicates Ākāsh; Kālahasthi Temple, the air; Kānchi Ēkābarēsvarar Temple, the earth: They are in one line on the map, 79◦, 41 minutes East longitude. We can appreciate it with the Google Map as if looking down from the sky to appreciate the accuracy. This accuracy, indicating the height of ancient engineering, Earth sciences and astronomy, came down from olden times.
7. Nine entrances in the Chidambaram Koil has the basis on and indicate the nine opening in the human body
8. The golden roof above the Vimānam has 21,600 golden tiles, indicating an average of 21,600 respirations in man in 24 hours. (15*60*24 = 21,600)
9. 72,000 golden nails keep the 21,600 tiles in place. 72,000 are the number of Nādis (Energy Flow Channels) in the body. The Nādis include those that carry Sakthi to invisible parts of the body.
10. Tirumular states in the verse 1726 of Tirumantiram:
1726. மானுடர் ஆக்கை வடிவு சிவலிங்கம்
மானுடர் ஆக்கை வடிவு சிதம்பரம்
மானுடர் ஆக்கை வடிவு சதாசிவம்
மானுடர் ஆக்கை வடிவு திருக்கூத்தே.
1726 Human form is Siva Linga
The Human Form is unto Siva Lingam
The Human Form is unto Chidambaram
The Human Form is unto Sadasivam
The Human Form is unto the Holy Dance, forsooth.  Translation by Dr. B. Natarajan
Śivaliṅgam is in the form of man, Chidambaram, Sadasivam and the Holy Dance of Śiva.
11. “Poṇṇambalam, the Golden Hall, is just a little to the left and indicate the left-sided location of the heart. To reach the Golden Hall, one has to ascend five steps, known as “Pañchātchara Padi,” that is these five steps are themselves the five-syllable Mantra Si-Va-Ya-Na-Ma. The Golden Hall, unlike in other temples, is not in the midline but to the side, the passageway supported by four pillars indicating the four vedas.
12. The Golden Hall has 28 pillars indicating 28 Āgamas and 28 ways of worshipping Śiva. The 28 pillars support 64 beams plus 64 crossbeams, the latter indicating the blood vessels.
13. The nine vessels stand for the nine Sakthis. The puranas refer to Mandapam’s six pillars as six Sastras, and the 18 pillars in the nearby hall, as the 18 Puranas.
14. The Indologists refer to the dance of Śiva as the Cosmic Dance.