Sakthi Vikatan 02 Feb, 2016

சித்தமெல்லாம் சித்தமல்லி - 12


God’s form is compassion. Mental purity and love are what God expects of us. He does not demand, “Give me this and that; pay homage to me daily and come for Darśan and worship; Fulfill the vow made to me.” He does not desire such things.  Stay in your place, offer your homage and prayers to your Ishṭa-devatā (god of your choice) with purity of mind, love and devotion: that will suffice. There is no doubt he will fulfill all our needs (and desires) and confer his grace.

God’s act of grace, in the life of Kaliamurthy by Ayyan Tiruvēnkatanātha Perumāḷ, is the true Witness of the god’s power of compassion.

Kaliyamurthy lives in Sithamalli. If he inclined, he can worship Perumāḷ three times a day. But, that thought did not occur to him (in his mind). He was the village carpenter. He manufactured doors, windows…for the residents. Though he worked in an honest and the best way he can, he had an unfulfilled need.  Wedding of his favorite daughter faced obstacles. Though many prospective grooms came along, none of the leads came to fruition. Roiled by this worry, he came to know of Padmavathi Thāyār Samētha Tiruvēnkatanātha Perumāḷ.

Though he is a towner, he could not go in person for Perumāḷ worship and submit his supplication. To that extent, the burden of his job oppressed him. That being so, he sat in the Pūjā room and offered his prayer with tender heart, mind and soul to Sithamalli Tiruvēnkatanātha Perumāḷ seeking a good groom for his daughter and a wedding. He vowed to offer a gift of Marriage badge of gold (Thāli) to Thāyār.

Bound by devotion of Kaliyamurthy, Perumāḷ had the Divine Will to offer grace to him. Soon, a good groom came along and a grand wedding of her daughter took place.  To keep his vow, he made a gift of Marriage badge to Thāyār.

Sithamalli Tiruvēnkatanātha Perumāḷ is the object of worship by SrīRāgavēndirar famous for munificence in the spirit of the Kaliyuga’s Kaṛpaka Virutsam (Wish-Tree), Kāmadhēṉu (Wish-fulfilling Cow of Plenty). There is no end to the power of mercy of Perumāḷ.

We are horripilated to learn of the miracle in the life of Chennai Sangitha, performed by Perumāḷ. With the backdrop of a prosperous family blessed with a loving husband, they did not have progeny for many years since marriage. Many specialist doctors could not help them. For Sangitha, every waking morning was the new dawn of pain and sorrow.

With such prevailing condition, Sangitha received an injunction that was the morning star (விடிவெள்ளி) to dissipate the darkness of sorrow. Sangitha’s sister one day addressed her, “There was no welcome benefit seeing so many doctors. God is the Doctor of all doctors. We should go to Perumāḷ in our village and offer prayer.”

Her elder sister’s words offered solace. It dawned on her that Darśan of Perumāḷ and Thāyār would bless her with progeny. Immediately, Sangitha left Chennai for Sithamalli and arrived there on 18th December, 2013. She had Darśan of Perumāḷ and Thāyār, offered worship, bought a bell and tied it in the shrine of the Divine Couple.

Tiruvēnkatanātha Perumāḷ had the Divine Will to offer blessings and grace to the Sangitha couple who surrendered to him with faith and made the sound of the bell possible in the shrine. In Sangitha’s life, his divine act (Līlai) is a miracle. Where the doctors could not help, she became pregnant within a few months of her Darśan of Perumāḷ.

The day they tied the bell in the shrine was on 18th December, 2013. Exactly a year later 18th December, 2014, Sangitha delivered a beautiful baby boy with the first cry sounding like a bell. This is the power of mercy of Perumāḷ. What else could it be?  The Sangitha couple were horripilated in narrating the gracious act of Perumāḷ to all the interlocutors.

Perumāḷ of gracious nature has performed many miracles in the lives of countless devotees in a few years of his manifestation as Padmavathi Thāyār Samēthar and made them involved in the temple devotional holy services.  Perumāḷ continues to do so.

Tiruvēnkatanātha Perumāḷ, worshipped by Mantrālaya Mahāṉ, gave his blessings and grace over many generations. Why did he hide himself with Thāyār in the earth all these years? What are the reasons for this internment? Why did the need for self-manifestation take place?

Let us find out the reasons for these divine secrets.

The mind tingles.  

Images: K.S. Satishkumar