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Vishva, a local school student who later pursued higher studies and became a teacher, decided to visit his former teacher in town. Upon arriving at his old school and spotting his teacher, he greeted him, asking, "Ayya, greetings! Do you recognize me? I was once your student."

The old teacher replied, "I don't remember. Which year were you my student? In which class?" Vishva provided all the necessary details and added, "Ayya, you were my Guru and counselor. Just like you, I aspired to become a teacher, put in effort and dedication, and now, I am a teacher myself."

The old teacher was delighted, thinking, "My student took me as a role model and became a teacher." Intrigued, he inquired, "Could you please explain how I served as a model for you to become a teacher?" Vishva then recounted a specific incident from their classroom days.

"I was a struggling student in your class," Vishva began. "I had a strong desire for material possessions, but my parents couldn't afford to buy me a wristwatch. One day, during lunch break, a classmate named Senthil left his watch on the table while washing his hands. In that moment, I took the wristwatch and put it in my pocket, prompting Senthil to complain to the teacher."

Vishva continued, "You, dear teacher, addressed the entire class without a hint of anger or suspicion, saying, 'Whoever took the wristwatch, please return it to me.' No one came forward. Later, you had all of us line up. With patience, you examined every student's pocket while we all had our eyes shut. Without creating a scene, you retrieved the watch from my pocket and returned it to its owner. You didn't reveal where you found the watch, you didn't speak a word to me, and you didn't shame me in front of everyone. You preserved my self-respect."

"That day," Vishva continued with tears in his eyes, "I realized the importance of teaching. I decided to become a teacher, just like you. You became my role model, and I wanted to demonstrate to the world that I could be like you."

The old teacher smiled and said, "Exemplary! There is pride in that. I bless you to become an even greater person." Vishva asked his teacher, "Do you remember me now?" The teacher replied, "I don't remember you at all."

Vishva remarked, "Ayya, you saved me from infamy, and yet, you forgot my face!" The old teacher explained, "How could I remember you? You all had your eyes shut, and I closed mine too when I searched your pockets. I couldn't have seen you with my eyes."

The old teacher had the option to label Vishva as a thief and punish him, but he chose a different path. He did not attempt to identify the thief; instead, he patiently and wisely handled the situation. By examining the blindfolded students' pockets with his own eyes shut, he demonstrated the value of teaching through example rather than punishment. The teacher taught Vishva a lesson that his own family had not taught him.