Inspiration from https://tamilarivukadhaikal.blogspot.com/
 in Tamil by Babu Natesan

An Ode to the Teacher

Like a mother's compassion,
Like a father's sage advice,
You correct my mistakes,
A ladder, aiding my ascent,
Satisfying my intellect's hunger,
Granting me the wisdom to discern right from wrong,
Endowing me with the knowledge of a polymath and the wisdom of a sage,
Teaching as if a living deity, correcting my minor flaws,
Guiding me to understand the world, uplifting me and my peers,
Helping us discover our strengths,
Patting our backs like a trusted companion,
Leading us down the path of progress,
For all your selfless service,
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our beloved teachers.
May your journey as a teacher be long,
Filled with both sweat and joy,
May you lead a long and fulfilling life,
Our sincere wishes and appreciation go out to you, our esteemed teachers.